My name if Darren. Ron Norman is a great Bankruptcy Attorney and a great person to get to know. Ron and Denise have helped my family and I through our financial hardships. As mentioned above Ron and his law firm are tops.

Thank you

Darren C.


For those of you who are unsure about what to do about your financial situation, let me certainly tell you that my situation was a mess. I was deeply in debt and had no way out. Every payment I made was going towards interest alone, and the phone rang continuously with lenders demanding money or payment arrangements. I even tried a credit counseling company who promised to work some magic deal, but the amounts that I needed to pay were too great and projected to go on for years. Then I found Ronald E. Norman!

From the moment I walked into Mr. Norman's office, he reassured me that everything was going to be fine that my quality of life would return quickly and he was absolutely right! With just a few questions, he asked me to bring him some paperwork and a list of all creditors and phone numbers of the people who were demanding money or affecting my credit. Even for those I had little information for, his office contacted each and everyone of them and the phone calls stopped within a few weeks. If a call came in and I answered, Ron told me to tell them who was handling the case or to call his office and magically they often would thank me and look forward to doing business with me in the future!
Ron's fees for his service were extremely low and he allowed me to make payments when I could until I paid it off making it stress-free and quite possible given I had so little at the time. He did my filing and aside from a single appearance in court which did not take any time at all I was financially free of debt. Some items were not considered for good reasons such as my car loan and my mortgage so I was able to keep the things I wanted and continue to pay them but all other problems we're fully resolved. Within a year or two I was able to get a credit card and now my credit score is somewhere in the mid 700s some thing I would've never imagined prior to meeting Ron.

Nicolita NDM


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